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The bathroom is often our sanctuary in the home. It’s that place we escape to at the end of an exhausting day with its soothing colors, calming scents and refreshing cleansing water. If you don’t feel that way any longer, it’s time for a bathroom remodel. Our bathroom design Wichita KS experts can work with you to create an oasis that you can’t wait to relax and unwind in whether it’s in a relaxing bath or a soothing shower. Let our team discover your calming style.

What are the most popular styles for modern bathrooms?

Modern is all about open spaces and clean lines – people want this to feel more like an extension of their home rather than just another room they’re trying to cram as much into as possible so that it’s tough to find anything when needed. It should also look good on Instagram! A lot of homeowners ask for new tile floors and shower walls or ceilings that match their bathroom counters these days because they feel cleaner (light colors too). There has been a big shift away from frugal detail work too – gone is matching lavender paint with trim and molding! You should also have glass shower doors and a new tub – these can be the most expensive things, but they’re worth it when completing a bathroom remodeling Wichita KS project.

Is matte or glossy tile better for shower?

‘Matte’ or ‘Glossy’ are determined by the glaze. Glaze refers to how shiny and glossy the surface looks before installation; this can vary from matte (less reflective) to high gloss (very reflective). Unglazed means that no treatment has been applied at all after production. Semi-glazing involves applying a thin layer of glaze over the tile surface.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding which tile is best for you. Some people find keeping their bathrooms ultra-clean too daunting on a glossy surface so matte might be better even though it can show water spots more easily than glossier surfaces. There really isn’t an easy answer because it’s all about personal preference and budget but our bathroom designers at bathroom remodeling Wichita KS are here to help answer questions.